Privacy Policy

The operator of Pure Win, Sweetspot N.V., hopes that you can trust us with the information you have provided. We guarantee to be completely truthful and unambiguous of how we use it. 

We would like to start this text by making sure you will never be surprised as to how and why we use the provided information. Detailed information will be given about our software, games, websites, application, services, and products policy.

If at any point you have some questions to ask about the Privacy Policy, you can always get in touch with us through [email protected]

Detailed information about Pure Win's privacy policy

Information, Purpose and Storage

Here is which data we collect when you do use our services:

Account Information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Address

This information is needed, so we at Pure Win are able to create your account. We will be storing this data for 6 years after you choose to terminate your account. Plus, we will keep some of the info for 10 years due to taxation and accounting rules. 

Customer Due Diligence Information:

  • Occupation
  • Source of income
  • Proof of legal assets
  • Politically exposed person (PEP) status
  • International and/or financial sanctions
  • Holding of a company or property
  • Court decisions
  • Insolvency
  • Taxation information

We will collect this type of background information directly from you or by collecting publicly available information for AML / CTF purposes. This data will also be stored for 6 years at Pure Win and some of it for 10 years because of taxation and accounting rules.

User Information:

  • Which games do you often play
  • Transaction History
  • How you interact with the Services
  • Information about which devices use the Services with
  • IP addresses
  • Browser
  • Languages used
  • Operating System used
  • Pages you visited
  • Location Information
  • Information from cookies

This information is solely used to help us better your gaming experience and our services’ features. The data will be stored for 2 years after it has been collected.

Special Categories of Personal Information

We at Pure Win have no intention of collecting other specific personal information like race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, sexual life, health info, political views, and any union membership. 

Safety and Storage

We wouldn’t have asked or required any personal data from you if we didn’t have specific and strong security measures in place. We also have special procedures to inform you and the appropriate authorities if any kind of incident occurs, including your personal information. Since the beginning, we have used SSL encryption technology to make all of your transactions safe and secure.


Like any other site, we here at Pure Win also use cookies. Cookies are software that is instantly sent to your browser when you use our services. They collect data that give us useful information about how you use our services, which we can improve and provide you with an even better experience.