Responsible Gaming

Ever since we opened Pure Win to the public, we have urged our members to gamble responsibly. We are perfectly aware that gambling can be problematic and cause various issues. That’s why Pure Win and its customer support service are always by your side if you ever need to ask any casino-related questions.


Gambling should always be looked at as a leisure time activity and not a way to profit financially. Most players online can persevere and back off when they see that luck isn’t on their side. However, some players can’t maintain control of their gambling habits and need professional assistance. Keep in mind the following thing before joining our Pure Win platform:

  • Gambling should be seen as a fun pastime and not a way to make money.
  • Avoid chasing what you have lost.
  • Only gamble when you can cover your losses.
  • Make sure to know how much you spend and be aware of how much time you spend gambling.

If a break is what you desire, you can always get in touch with us at [email protected] Our self-exclusion tool is a helpful way to catch a break from playing if you notice you are stepping over the line.


Below you will find some significant questions you can ask yourself, and depending on how you answer them, you will get an idea of how you are handling your gambling.

  1. Have you ever skipped going to school or work to gamble?
  2. Has gambling ever made your social life disconsolate?
  3. Has gambling affected or even ruined your reputation?
  4. Has gambling ever made you feel guilty after you have finished playing?
  5. Have you ever caught yourself gambling to solve some financial problems?
  6. Has gambling ever affected the ambitions or dreams that you once wanted to achieve?
  7. Have you ever gone back to play again immediately after you have lost money?
  8. After a win, do you feel the desire to come back for more?
  9. Do you often play until the last dollar?
  10. Have you ever borrowed money from a relative or a friend for gambling?

Keep in mind that there are no provided diagnoses with this test, so if you want more information or help, get in touch with a professional.


Pure Win’s self-exclusion tool allows our members to close their accounts for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or indefinitely. All you have to do is contact customer support agents and ask for self-exclusion, adding the time you want your account to be closed.

Underage Gambling

Any person under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden to use Pure Win to gamble. Our team does thorough age verification checks. If they discover such illegal activity by a minor member using our site’s services, all winnings will be declined and they will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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